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Testimonials from current and former students.

5 Stars Out of 600+ Reviews
Drew is a fantastic tutor who is amazing at just about all subjects. By this I mean instead of specializing in just one, he has many mastered subjects and tutors many subjects really well, a trait I have only found in one other tutor in 10 years. He is flexible, patient and accommodating to my son’s crazy schedule. My son really likes him and relates very well to him, which again is another great trait to have if you are going to establish a relationship with a high school boy that does not really want to study. We are hoping to keep him as a tutor till my son graduates (2 more years) because I am sure with Drew’s help, my son will do very well in his PreAP and AP high school courses. So glad that we stumbled upon him. He always responds quickly and tries to accommodate wherever and whenever he can in addition to our regular sessions. He’s a life saver and a very nice and kind person as well! Tutors like Drew are hard to come by!!! I give him a 10 on a scale of 1-5!!!!
Michelle, Plano, Texas
Drew has been our tutor for a couple of years now. Not only does he do an amazing job tutoring my son, but he has been a huge help in tutoring my daughter and myself as we take Gen-Ed courses for college (Statistics, College Algebra and Chemistry). Drew began tutoring my son in several subjects but we soon discovered my son needed focus in math. We worked hard and now my son has brought his grade up enough that he now does not need to take modified math in school. We have started working on some Language Arts and I am confident we will be successful there as well. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Drew. I feel like he is part of our family now and I am so glad we found him!
Wendy, Plano, Texas
Drew has been a Gem that we found. He works with Austin with his Spanish III, Ap Algebra II, and Ap Chemistry. Austin’s grades have gone from B &C’s to A’s and his confidence is great. Thank you Drew, you two are a great team!!
Erica, Frisco, Texas

Knowledgeable and Patient Tutor!

Drew really helped Jillian understand Chemistry by using really good analogies and strategies to help her remember! We look forward to continue working with Drew and seeing progress and improvement in Jillian’s grades.

Angela, Melissa, Texas

Doing Great

Drew is really helping my son raise his grade in Geometry. Drew stays on task, helps discover where my son is struggling, then works with him to understand the concepts and practice. Recommend highly.

Aaron, Plano, Texas

Very helpful

My son is now understanding Chemistry due to Drew’s individual attention. His last test score showed huge improvement. This improvement is a direct reflection of the 2 sessions before his test. He is moving in the right direction.

Pat, Plano, Texas
I have two very different daughters and both of them have benefited from Drew's work. One is valedictorian of her class and wanted to do prep work for SAT and PSAT work and the other was trying to catch up due to a lack of focus and failure to conceptualize mathematical principles, thus the building blocks were missing as she moved forward . Drew met both their needs exceptionally well and was exceedingly flexible in scheduling their online tutoring. I highly recommend him without reservation!
Doug, Boston, Massachusetts
Drew B. has been meeting with my daughter to prepare her thoroughly for the math portions of the SAT and ACT tests. Although I haven't seen her scores yet to see if they improved, my daughter's practice tests have improved significantly, as well as her confidence in her ability and preparedness. Add to that that Drew is excellent inter-personally and professionally, and you have a real winner.
Sarah, Frisco, Texas
Mom and dad do not speak a second language.....so we are very thankful for drew to help our son through his Spanish class freshman year. First semester had a rough start and homework assignments were not being completed. With Drew's help we have all assignments being turned in and someone very capable with tutoring and filling in where we cant. Thank you Drew!!
Deanne, Los Angeles, California

Very Helpful And Knowledgeable

He has been very helpful in preparing for the ACT as well as giving great tips in writing college essays.

Melanie, Allen, Texas

Excellent Tutor

Drew has been so helpful in getting our son back on track with Algebra and Physics. He went from 60’s to 80’s in a matter of a couple of weeks!

Anna, Melissa, Texas

Very helpful! He’s the reason I passed my test!

He simplified the concepts I was over thinking and broke everything down step by step. Worked the problems out with me and made sure I understood each question! Awesome tutor I’d definitely recommend.

Erin, Plano, Texas

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