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We Thrive on the Success of Our Students!

Our Statement of Purpose

Nurturing a love of learning in our students, to propel them towards success in their education
and future careers.


We Teach.

We don't just pursue good grades or project completion.

And Teach Well.

We work hard to ensure that our students actually understand the material and concepts.

The Man.

We approach each teaching opportunity with enthusiasm.

Or boy. Or girl.

Knowing each student has the capacity to learn and excel – with the proper attention and training.

To Fish.

We believe in our students and their ability to learn.

Or, well, to Learn.

With encouragement and belief supporting them, our students go on to excel in their goals.

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Satisfied Students
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Meet Your New Best Friend, The Guru.

Drew Burgess, owner of WyzUp, is himself a tutor with many years of experience working at various universities, companies, and privately. He provides tutoring in subjects ranging from elementary math to Calculus, earth science to chemistry, grammar to essay writing, and foreign languages like French and Spanish. He is fluent in Spanish and conversational in French.
Drew graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. He lives with his wife and young daughter in a small but growing community north of McKinney. His wife is the director of FistPump Tennis in Savannah. He has traveled quite a bit, both in the United States and abroad, visiting nearly every state in the United States. He even lived a few years in Mexico and Cape Town, South Africa!
We enjoy what we do, especially having the satisfaction of helping others achieve success in academics. Our method is geared towards understanding of the material, rather than just rote completion of homework. This is, as the story goes, like “teaching the man to fish.” While it may sound cliché, this goes a long way in helping students to achieve true success in their studies.

We’re Here To Help You Succeed!

Through tailored support, effective teaching strategies & Expert, seasoned Instructors.

Let’s Get Started!